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tv   Headline News  RT  June 18, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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an agreement on peace talks but be agent leaders appeal to passion why their differences on the syrian conflict with russia and the west remaining at odds over the future of the syrian leadership. the u.s. government will be able to block for the surveillance revelations edward snowden as speaks out in an online human maze slamming obama's war on whistleblowers. and police raids in istanbul and ankara result in more than eighty arrests as the turkish government abuse its tactics against the protests gripping the country.
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international news analysis and reports of this is r t o with me tom would say it's good to have you with us. world leaders desperately seeking to bridge the gaps in the approach to the syrian crisis at the g. eight summit in northern ireland signs of unity remain scars with russia and the west seeming to have agreed only on the need for peace talks involving all sides of the conflict or his point of all it's always the prospects of any progress on syria . last night u.s. president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin met they said that there were no breakthroughs in talks over syria they very said that they welcome a peaceful diplomatic resolution to the crisis however we do know that last week the usa pledged military support for the syrian opposition. and has reiterated time and time again that he wants to see a peaceful diplomatic resolution he wants to get both sides to the negotiating
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table now some people raising concerns about how the west of the u.s. the u.k. france who are calling for the syrian opposition to be armed how they can at the same time want a peaceful and diplomatic resolution when potentially arming the rebels could escalate the bloodshed but there is still hope at. last night apparently the g. eight leaders all met for an informal dinner and that reportedly went better than expected so there is still a chance that that communique of the syria will come from all the g eight leaders including russia we know that the e.u. arms embargo was lifted last month that was a lot of pressure that came from britain and france now we know that in britain david cameron he hasn't been able to pledge military support to the syrian opposition because he faces a lot of criticism from his own party on from his deputy prime minister even nick
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clegg has said that he doesn't think it's the right time to arm the syrian rebels boris johnson mare of london a very outspoken man has said don't those syrian maniacs in france we've got political elites now questioning how the syrian crisis came about all together. i'm going to tell you something i was in england two years before the violence in syria on other business i met with top british officials who confessed to me that they were preparing something in syria this was in britain not in america britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into syria they even asked me although it was no longer minister for foreign affairs if i would like to participate i think at the summit there discussing cooperation on counterterrorism and thankfully that is a sphere where there is a lot more consensus from all the g eight leaders. on paper the g eight summit is supposed to provide a platform for discussions on bottle social political and economic issues today in
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our all mind poll we're asking whether you think such gatherings actually produce tangible results let's take a look at what you've said so far right the majority of the voting at r.t. dot com at fifty eight percent they believe that the results are only reveal the powerful nations rather. to actually tell the world their own agenda the remaining few of you. at two percent say that their meeting is vital for outlining further actions on the world's most pressing issues and then the rest they think that the g. eight does help catalyze responses to global crisis is a thirty seven percent of you says that it reveals an ace in the day and fifty eight say these talks are just great too so if you want to do those numbers to change go to archie dot com and cast your vote. at all the g eight struggles to find a diplomatic end to the syrian conflict violence on the ground keeps asking later
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at least sixty government troops have been killed me aleppo in a car bomb attack allegedly carried carried out by al qaida affiliated rebels the blasts occurred shortly after another car bomb one of me a military checkpoint in the capital damascus leaving ten soldiers dead this latest a string of attacks comes against a backdrop of assad's forces making significant advances in recent weeks and rebels are pushing their foreign backers for lethal arms or supplies meanwhile it emerged saudi arabia has been supplying syrian militants with anti aircraft and missiles for about two months now griffin from the british national party was a member of the european fact finding delegation that's just returned from damascus and he told us that any third party involvement only aggravates the conflict. when cameron the americans say that we should own the rebels what they're saying is that a lot of people are being killed in a war so the solution is to send more guns like it's madness unfortunately the
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americans the british the french and especially the saudis are playing this with a strike but their interest isn't in sorting out the syrian problem it's overthrowing the assad regime which is rid of the last secular intolerant regime in the whole of the middle east and replacing it with one hobby extremism the vast majority of rebels of liberal democrats who respect america western values their jihadists you know the first invasion of syria by foreign forces is the fact that at least forty thousand of the so-called syrian rebels are in fact jihadist terrorists from north africa central asia and even western europe there's an estimated six hundred western european born jihadi is fighting against the syrian government right now. on the some of the sidelines you're kratz and u.s. officials lay the foundation for a mega size of free trade zone a little a tone report on how the plan has pitted european nations against each other and i watched all the agencies are ringing the alarm bell. the g
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eight summit is taking place just as the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden drops another information bombshell leaking documents that prove the u.s. and the u.k. was spying on the delegates of the g twenty summit in london back in two thousand and nine snowden has promised even more revelations and predicted more whistleblowers will follow his example during an internet q. and a session artie's marina and i have followed the online chat. snowden referred to washington's war on whistleblowers as a drop clooney and campaign he believes will ultimately escalate the scale school and skill involved in future government leaks in short snowden believes that u.s. president barack obama is actually building better whistleblowers by targeting and punishing all those that aim to expose government wrongdoing as for the website that served as a strong platform for whistleblowers snowden referred to wiki leaks as
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a legitimate journalistic outlets on the topic of obama snowden accuse the president of entering the white house and slamming the door on many campaign promises such as in vesta gating systemic violations of law instead snowden says the u.s. commander in chief is deepening and expanding several abusive programs that began under the bush administration the former booz allen hamilton employees says the u.s. government destroyed his possibility for a fair trial at home by openly declaring him guilty of treason and his acts as criminal unconstitutional and unforgivable snowden now reportedly hiding out in hong kong claims he did not reveal any u.s. operations against legitimate military targets he says his leaks pointed out where the n.s.a. has hacked civilian infrastructure such as hospitals universities and private businesses covert operations that snowden claims is aggressively criminal and dangerous now even if the u.s.
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government ultimately catches and in prison sam. prevent more people like him from coming forward reporting from new york or in upper nile r.t. . edward snowden's revelations have already led to some tension between the u.s. and china beijing has demanded that washington explain a surveillance program and cyber spying to the international community by let's discuss this further with james called it editor of an independent news a website that cobbett report he joins us live from japan now james do you expect for the fallout from a surveillance like space a terms of u.s. china relations. there will definitely be further fallout in terms of the relations i don't think this comes as a surprise to anybody in the audience let alone the chinese government or intelligence services especially given the fact that it was admitted earlier this year that the general in charge of the n.s.a. who also happens to be a u.s. army general in charge of cyber command is head is ready to deploy forty cyber
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battalions in u.s. cyber cause by two thousand and fifteen thirteen of which are going to be specifically for preemptive cyber attacks so is it any surprise that the n.s.a. is actively targeting and conducting cyber operations against u.s. enemies in cyberspace of course this is no surprise to anyone but now that this is been put on the table and made quite explicit i think there is going to have to be some sort of reaction from beijing and this is going to complicate already complicated relations between the two when especially as this was just it the topic of the first meeting between president obama and president xi jinping since being took office california just earlier this month absolutely especially says washington has always denied that they were in doing that some in the u.s. call snowden a traitor he's going to hong kong and exposing cyber attacks on china partly you know sparking that i guess i should but it's not only the so-called this is a smear campaign you know what's your take on that. well there is no doubt that
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there's people like former vice president dick cheney going around and using that term spy for china and other such things to try to muddy the waters and to complicate the issue from and distract people from what the real issues are which are of course the levels of surveillance that are going on right now basically unchecked and unwarranted behind the scenes by the national security agency which is the real heart of this issue so i think the discussions of snowden and his his status etc are basically distractions from that but it is interesting to note that he did go to hong kong of all places in order to to blow the whistle and he says that this is because for example if he had gone directly to iceland where he would be more likely to get asylum he would also have been more likely to have been intercepted on his way there so hong kong was a nice stepping stone for him to stop at take that for what it's worth but it's interesting that now he's coming out with these revelations about us find specifically on china and specifically on nonmilitary personal computers on the
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chinese mainland which again is another escalation in what what has been revealed so far about the n.s.a. spying and now speaking out of snowden and in terms of why he decided to go to hong kong going to come back to that in terms of extradition a question to you but i just want to go back to the to the u.s. i mean washington to say that they did all this supposedly spying because of security and terrorism they've been using those two words to justify a lot how is it you know tapping into universal hong kong into business and students of private data how is that what does that have to do with terrorism. for the answer to that question you'd have to get general keith alexander on the program and perhaps put it to him or perhaps to his ranking superiors but but honestly there is there is no possible correlation between the two of course it would be naive to assume that the chinese are not also conducting cyber military operations on site in cyber space against the united states and others in fact we know that later this month as reported on our t.v.
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beijing area military command is going to be conducting a digitized war game and testing their digital troops in in inner mongolia later this month so we know that they are conducting their own cyber operations as well i think every every side in this is playing this game but but as to as to why the types of rhetoric that's put out to justify this of course there's there's no real relation between this and terrorism especially because the cyber terrorism as it's been painted for us over the past decade has signally failed to materialize in any way shape or form except for things like stuxnet at which by the way were created by the n.s.a. which is now an admitted fact james let me quickly just jump in you have running out of time but i want to ask you well call extradite snowden back to the u.s. do you think. i think it's going to be very very touchy subject and there is the possibility that china will play ball with the u.s. on this it depends really whether it wants to take china in the direction of really
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. relations with the u.s. or is going to take more of a combative stance so i think this might be one of those central issues that defines the way engine being is going to take china for the next ten years and that's that this is one of those critical issues to watch it certainly is possible and hong kong certainly does have extradition treaties with the u.s. so it can be done but whether or not it's going to to happen via that wrote or perhaps even something more spectacular perhaps there will be some some type of extradition you know through other means but we'll have to see how that plays out because i think it's a harbinger of the way relations between the u.s. and china will play out from here on you know because i think this story becomes spectacular by the moment we don't we never know what he snowden is going to come up with but we'll keep watching it and obviously that's the keep getting analysis on that james cope with the other news website the colbert report live from japan by the way because me it wanting the developments on the story log on to our website at r.t. dot com for the full timeline of events x. but analysts then and of course others latest updates.
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the world's largest free trade zone may soon spend the atlantic encompassing the population of the u.s. and the european union lobbyists bureaucrats and executives are hard at work preparing the ground but critics a point in some momentum will problems with the whole idea of business presenting katie pilgrim has the details. france is expected to oppose the deal because they are demanding that their industries get certain protections and continued subsidize asian a point that's not sitting well with other e.u. nations plus our whole bunch of consumer watchdogs and food safety organizations are concerned that washington is caving into pressure from u.s. farm and food industries who want street food standards rules removes why example of this is greenpeace which is already concerned that standards will slip as a result of the deal if this trade agreement does go through it's not that europe
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will have to relax its attitude towards genetically modified crops to the first thing that comes to mind is the monsanto a highly controversial g.m.o. company and i just recently we saw a global protests erupt against a company with thousands expressing anger towards it and its practices of the european consumers organization also expressed serious concerns fearing that this would this deal was watered down the consumer protection rules they have already been fighting to protect for years now the trade with a merging economy is the brics the countries brazil russia india china and south africa is predicted to declined sharply by thirty percent america has already raised europe's hackles over breaching standards especially when it comes to data of course there's the world publicised u.s. surveillance scandal which could come into conflict with the e.u.'s reputation the strict data protection standards and they fall and out before over america
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demanding europeans private financial and banking transaction data in twenty ten although washington adventure they got its way on this one or back with more news shortly after this break. wealthy british style. tires on. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. download the
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official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't sit well with your mobile device so you can watch your t.v. any time anyway. welcome back he was saying r t well than sixty people have been detained in turkey's largest city is still. on the city tall getting protests to some of the twenty three well rested in the capital and as are to say we're not going to school
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space and this is not the only addition to the governments and to demonstration methods. the protests in taksim square last night were in fact started off as a lone protester simply standing there for hours on end it was a performance artist. who found that as a good a great way to show his protests towards the violent dispersal of those who are in gezi park in taksim square just days earlier by the police he was soon joined by about a dozen of other protesters that he left and the rest of those who have joined him were arrested by police they were however released a last night we know of at least seventy people who were arrested allegedly for their connection to the protests for the turkish authorities put out for instigating violence and basically calling on people to go to the streets and instigating also civil unrest those people should be released within four days we're being told that at the same time just talking to protesters people who were out in gezi park you have to understand that they may be gone off the streets not
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all of them of course a lot of them are actually regrouping right now of course you have your labor unions coming out also showing their indignation at the situation in the country and that the way that the government has handled the arrest in the country which have been going on for more than two weeks at this point they're extremely unhappy with the way they're showing their solidarity with the protesters and by the looks of it it's just we're right in the middle of the eye of the hurricane what does the government do aside from arresting people they believe are somehow connected to the protests they're now beginning to closely monitor the social media websites such as twitter and facebook and they're actually they actually have drafted a law which is soon going to go into into examination by the turkish parliament on restricting use some of the functioning of this social media which may be the newest and possibly the most interesting developments in lieu of recent events considering the fact that a lot of protesters actually are being organized through twitter or facebook there
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was the statement that if the. it will not be enough policemen to quell the protests they will bring in the shit armory and if those will not be enough then of course we will be seeing the army also working on calling the protest in the country. right on line with the most stories and analysis from the world's news makers including the latest we can fix with a blow to native son to says he's prepared to spend the next one b.s. in the compliance of the i can do or an embassy in a high level to make the asylum impossible to. russian foreign minister says iran's new president is ready to party hold you radium enrichment but that's under certain conditions had to r.t. dot com to where the west should make compromises. well iran's new leader and his promises of nuclear transparency don't seem to have convincing israel that the alleged threat will be lifted anytime soon prime
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minister netanyahu has said the president elect will have no say in the country's nuclear policies israel's elite is well prepared in case of a possible attack with an expensive and impenetrable hideout at their disposal policy a little said what the rest of the country thinks about it. when the missiles come israel's leaders will be here deep underground somewhere on the road between jerusalem and tel aviv about a decade ago news broke that the government was building a bunker here in the hills of jerusalem to the tune of some two hundred million dollars criticism at the time was that the country had survived for fifty years without one and could for another fifty but back then the threat of a nuclear iran was nowhere near where israel's prime minister netanyahu claims it is today. i am not exaggerating when i say the threats are greater than ever it is quite possible they are the greatest since the declaration of independence and even since the harsh times during the first decades of this country. no one seen the
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bunker and it's been very little media coverage of it all that's known is that it can withstand an earthquake biological war or atomic attack it's rumored to have living quarters and command facilities able to accommodate several hundred people it's. important that we have such an installation so as to make sure the government is really in shape and can actually operate under any circumstances but gideon spiro doesn't buy the hype he's one of only a handful of israeli anti-nuke activists who've been calling on the government to disarm nuclear. both of the corrupt. high ranking official and their former. clipper for a career. which means that while netanyahu rants and raves he can do so knowing full well he has a hideout to sit out the nuclear winter should it come but it's not so simple for
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the person in the street in case of an it extreme situation of a nuclear attack or a severe attack on israel and they're all protected afterwards who are going to be ruling was going to be left around for them to govern on is the question is if every citizen can. banker and that's exactly how. he doesn't have a shelter news home and has to rely on this public bunker which is almost always locked but always. on the street to pay the price of wars or not you know the generals in the lead us into the very little you can do i mean the instructions given. to israelis this very moment a room that does not look towards the best they can do but it's well known that many of israel's bomb shelters are run down and neglected about twenty percent of the population doesn't even have access to one we still have a problem with those that were constructed. some of them being strengthened rights
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no special projects to able to be more protected but that hasn't stopped netanyahu turning up his rhetoric in recent weeks the irony is that should war begin the man who called for it will be safe in a bunker while his fellow citizens will be lifted face it head on police we are t. in the hills of jerusalem right in a serb been following for months now the u.s. government has put up a list of forty five guantanamo bay detainees who will remain in prison indefinitely washington says these men are too dangerous to be cleared but it can be prosecuted one more name on the list khalid shaikh mohammed is currently on trial for being allegedly involved in the nine eleven attacks on the u.s. the information first appeared in twenty ten but has never been made public until now has made yet another promise to shut down the campaign assigned highly experienced lawyer to do the job but as an attorney for one of the inmates
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a sindhi new coach told us that some of the government's actions contradict president obama's words. there is evidence against many men that has been deemed classified and attorneys for the man have never seen and may never see and they will not be able to challenge the detention of them. and or the evidence that's held against them and so some of the men who the u.s. has deemed. to be are able to be indefinitely detained we won't ever be able to see the evidence that they used to support that claim what the administration is saying at the camp is that they are searching for contraband that may apparently be stored in the general area of the men and keep in mind these are men who are in solitary come now as of may they are in a cell all alone for twenty two hours and they are prepared to continue to send the
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message that they will not eat they will sacrifice their bodies and even if it means they have to leave guantanamo. they're willing to do that in the name of finally getting some process. i'll be back up next in about a half an aisle with the more news up next in the kinds of report at the g eight summit. you know what's worse than a crop bureaucrat a crook bureaucrat who sucks at being corrupt a scumbag bureaucrat in veronese russia just couldn't help himself and put some very hefty charges for services contracts for road repair and construction in just three years he was able to take enough of a percentage off of these contracts though investigators raided his house he had
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the equivalent of over three million dollars in russian money all over his home news not mail dot ru claims he had entire laundry hamper and twenty five kilogram sugar sex filled to the brim with box first off when someone is this flagrant that means that he thought rather comfortable and not getting caught so there are plenty more of these guys out there but second this is an absolute slept in the face to russia taxpayers who are hungry for new roads i think for instance it's a flagrant in your face obvious crush corruption russia might need to reconsider that moratorium on the death penalty but that's just.
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max kaiser this is the kaiser report so the central planners are here the activists are here. of course belfast northern ireland a little bit. stacey herbert max yes people are protesting against the central planners around the world here is the photographic proof of it this is not however anywhere in northern ireland in fact it's in china and these are ten thousand people in china a lined up to buy gold and from.